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Diabetapedia Content

In order to make Diabetapedia as useful as possible, we have created the ability for visitors to suggest terms that they feel would be beneficial additions to our online dictionary of diabetes terms. With respect to suggesting content, we have developed the following rules of engagement to ensure that Diabetapedia grows as a valuable resource to the Diabetes Online Community:

1) Prior to suggesting a definition, please conduct a search to determine whether the definition already exists within the site. If the definition does exist, and you would like to enhance the definition, please click the link to “enhance a definition” at the bottom of any page and complete the corresponding form.

2) All term suggestions and enhancement recommendations will be previewed before posting. Sanofi US will review the suggestion to determine the following:

  • whether the term/definition already exists within Diabetapedia;
  • whether the term/definition would be a valuable addition to Diabetapedia;
  • whether the term/definition is a diabetes-related definition of the term;

3) We reserve the right to approve, modify or reject any suggested term definitions and enhancements.

4) When suggesting a new term or enhancement, please review the guidelines and examples displayed above each form closely. Following those guidelines will increase the chance of your suggestion or enhancement being approved for Diabetapedia.

5) If you feel that a definition is inaccurate, infringes on the intellectual property rights of another, or violates our terms and conditions, please feel free to contact a Diabetapedia administrator.

We hope you find this resource valuable and extend an invitation to submit diabetes-related terms for inclusion in the site. Let’s work together to make this a great resource for anyone interested in learning about and/or living with diabetes.